Tuesday 2 October 2012

Spark of Inspiration

    First of all I need to apologise. This blog - if there's anyone out there who hasn't set themselves on fire after reading through it - has been, up until now, as dull as ditchwater - and a lot less entertaining.
    But that changes now.
    Instead of simply attempting to write about...er..."Writing", instead we're simply going to write about any and everything we feel like as the mood strikes us. Ah, thought that might catch your attention; pull you away from the universal importance of contemplating your navel lint that our past blog entries have engendered. That's a thing of the past.
    Yes... that does mean I want you to stop playing with your navel lint, sit up and pay attention. Especially you...yes, YOU loitering at the back...
    Now pay attention. Have you read any good books on your Kindle recently? What do you mean, you haven't got a Kindle? WHY NOT? Are you living in the dark ages? I know I started by saying we're moving away from the Writing subject but THIS is a topic that has struck my current mood.
    "A book isn't a book unless it's paper."
    WHO SAID THAT? Go and stand in the corner and repeat the mantra 'A book is the story not the paper it's printed on.'
    Do you think the author has slogged over his/her keyboard to bring you exciting and impossible stories that will only reach a few people in a limited area? NO. The authors of today want to reach EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE.
    AND ebooks are environmentally friendly so it is your DUTY to read them if you care about the planet and the tress and the energy used to produce paper books.
    Do you readers out there think we authors still write our books by hand? Of course not. Some may scribble notes but publishers require manuscripts to be submitted neatly typed to specific formats. Everything is done electronically. No more need for typesetters to do everything back to front.
     So MOVE ON. You will find some really interesting stuff out there. Stuff you can read waiting for the bus, or in the doctor's waiting room. Stuff you can carry around in your pocket or handbag so that you NEVER have to wait to get home to read because that 1000 page book is too big and too heavy to carry.
    Oi, YOU at the back! Are you paying attention? Oh, sorry. Nose in your Kindle. That's all right then.

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