Saturday, 9 December 2017

Perfect Partners

If you enjoyed Shattered Dreams and Silent Love you will surely like Perfect Partners from Kristen Stone.

Alan Montague discovers he is going blind.
Chelsea Danvers avoids physical contact with people.
Alan needs help with his work.
Chelsea can provide it.
Together they are Perfect Partners.
Join Alan on his journey into darkness. He is a pragmatic and determined person. Not often bowed by circumstances. But this new, unexpected challenge tests his determination to the limits. His long term partner gone to a new job, unaware of what is happening to him, he struggles to cope with his career as a writer. How can he write when he cannot see what is in front of him?
Chelsea arrives in his life to help with the basics of checking his work. She helps him, encourages him, even stands in for his lost love at a dinner party. But she has her own secrets, her own fears and traumas.

Friendship grows into fondness, but will it ever be consummated as true love?  

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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Shadow of Extinction

Pleased to announce Kristen Stone has released Shadow of Extinction - a prequel to Edge of Extinction. For anyone who was intrigued by Kianda Mala, the monkey man hero of Edge, this book details his birth and early life, taking the reader up to the edge of Edge, if you know what I mean!

Available at all the usual places. Full links on Kristen's page.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Sad Farewell

Due to health problems I regret to say I am cutting back on Blue Hour Publishing and releasing most of our authors. Things have started pulling back with books from Kira Morgana, Robert Craven and Bertram George already deleted. At the end of the month Patrick Mulready and Ryan Spier will also be released.

I will be keeping my books live, along with Stephen R Hulse, Charlotte Castle and S J Ridgway.

I am not looking for any new authors.

It has been a privilege working with such fine authors and I wish them success in the future.