About Us

Blue Hour Publishing was started in April 2012 by Stephen R Hulse and Kristen Stone.
Both are authors keen to promote the proliferation of ebooks, giving new and exciting authors the opportunity to be read by people across the world.  They are offering authors technical support, editing services and help with promotion, although once the book is live the authors must also do their bit in try to get their books noticed amongst the thousands that are sitting in cyberspace waiting to be bought!

As the weeks and months go  by Blue Hour hope to be supporting more authors, so keep an eye on what is happening.

Most of our books can be found on Kindle, Nook, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iBooks although for technical reasons beyond our understanding, some take longer to get on lists than others!

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Our current authors are listed below with links to their own pages and works.  

Stephen R Hulse
The Blue Hour

Kristen Stone
Edge of Extinction
The Penhaligan File
Shattered Dreams
Silent Love

Patrick Mulready
Licence:Reviewed- 50 Years of Bond Movies
Snow Blind and Other Shocks

Ryan Spier
Postcards From Berlin

Bertram George - Books for Children
Three New Fairy Stories
The Goldilox Effect


  1. HI guys!

    I wish yoiu the very best and hope to see Lynchcliffe: Seasons of the Heart on here very soon.

  2. Hi guys
    I just wanted to say that I wish every success in the world. I really hope that this goes well for you. I for one will certainly re-tweet whenever I see a comment on Twitter.
    Best wishes

    1. Many thanks for your kind words and your valued support. Good luck with your own ventures.