Wednesday 17 October 2012

In Search of the Truth

Steven Mark Andrew Penhaligan has always been his own man; gone his own way, followed the career path he wanted not what his father wanted for him. At the age of thirty-five he is sure of his place in the world, known, trusted and secure. A journalist who has worked around the world and now investigates corruption. Then a chance meeting in a Jazz club and a phone call from a bereft woman throws his ordered world into disarray. Doubts arise about one of the drugs his father’s pharmaceutical company, The Penhaligan Foundation, produces and extreme measures are taken by someone to stop the journalist investigating.
   In this story Kristen Stone looks into the way an industry works. There are cover-ups. The pitfalls of working under a pen name are exposed as attempts are made to silence Mark Andrew, when those doing the silencing don’t realise he is actually Steven Penhaligan, the son and heir of Amos Penhaligan, chairman of the Foundation.
   And she explorers the depths of despair when someone is injured beyond their ability to function in a normal everyday way.  Old friendships are tested to near destruction. New friendships built.
    Will it all work out in the end? Find out when you read The Penhaligan File  FREE 17-18th October 2012

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