S J Ridgway

S J Ridgway was previously head of studies in a health related setting. Has a first degree in biology, and applies an interest of genetics in writing crime fiction. Links to a retired police offer in the family is helpful as a resource and for critical appraisal of police procedures. Visits to close relatives in Australia and New Zealand, trigger plots for current and further writing.
She a member of several writing groups, and has given talks on this crime fiction novel. The second novel in this genre is near completion and a third one is currently being planned.
Has had six non-fiction articles published in professional journals.
Currently works as a volunteer in health related organisations, and uses social media sites for networking purposes. 


The Common Murders  book one of the Superintendent Sharma Murder Mysteries

Thomas hears voices. They tell him to kill women with auburn hair.
Superintendent Cadema Sharma, SIO in London’s’ Metropolitan Police Service, is on a mission for justice. She is investigating five murders of young women. But each enquiry leads to a dead end. DNA left at the crime scenes is useless. Is this a serial killer or are copycats involved? Each suspect throws up more questions than answers. One victim has blond hair. An intended victim whispers the name Thomas, but later denies having said this. Being pulled in too many directions, Cadema must focus on the only suspects she has; none are known by this name.

So who is the perpetrator? What is his motive? Cadema needs answers now, before any more murders are committed.

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