Charlotte Castle

I'd like to extend a big welcome to Charlotte Castle, the latest author to join the Blue Hour Publishing List.
Charlotte has come to us with a proven track record and I am sure we can add to her success.

Charlotte is the daughter of a successful novelist though never saw herself writing until one day, in her own words 'she ran out of excuses to not mop the kitchen floor'. Simon's Choice was started and three months later complete.

Charlotte is a single parent of two, living in North Yorkshire. She is currently studying a degree in Psychology.


Simon's Choice

“But Daddy, who will live with me in heaven?”
Doctor Simon Bailey’s previously perfect life is shattered when his seven year old daughter is given months to live.
While he can almost come to terms with her impending death, and feeling he may one day deal with never being able to see her again, he cannot stand the idea of his child facing death alone.
He answers the question in a moment of desperation, testing his marriage, his professional judgment and his sanity to the limit.
He offers to go with her.
As cracks form in the foundations of a family that once appeared unbreakable, we wonder – as do his loved ones – will he really make the ultimate sacrifice?
Combining poignant moments of both humor and pain, and never maudlin despite its subject matter, ‘Simon’s Choice’ is a penetrating, and surprisingly heart-warming, account of parenthood as we would never wish to live it.

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