Stephen R Hulse

Stephen R. Hulse was born in 1959 in the city of Liverpool, England. Stephen is the Co-Creator and former contributor to the highly successful classic television website "Television Heaven" and its sister sites "Teletronic", and "Day In The Life",
Experienced in writing television reviews/biographies/history articles, Stephen possesses a deep and broad knowledge of both television and film across all the major genres.

The Blue Hour 
"The French call this time 'l'heure bleu' - The Blue Hour.  The time between dawn and sunrise when the sun is below the horizon, and the world is awash with a hazy shadowed hue that suspends us between the accepted divisions of light and dark.  It should have been beautiful.  For me, it was now only beautifully deadly..."

Take one decidedly anti-social alcoholic female British ex-cop with an attitude - Alex Churchill ...

Add a tough, no-nonsense enigmatic American Private Eye who isn't quite all he appears - Gideon Wade ...

Enmesh them in a dark and deadly web of international intrigue engineered by a shadowy criminal organisation for whom human life is just another commodity to be cynically traded for power and profit ...

Then dive for cover as fists fly, blood spills and all hell breaks loose!  

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The barriers are coming down. Reality itself is beginning to unravel.
Come apart at the seams. Things - dark forces - long excluded are beginning to claw their way back into the world

The Fate of humanity itself hangs in the balance.

Humanity needs a hero, a champion. What we get it - Martin Thorn. The wrong man, in the right place, at most definitely the wrong time. The Wit and sophisticated suspense of Alfred Hitchcock collides with dark Supernatural adventure in "Shadowchaser"

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  1. The Blue Hour really is a superb book. I'm really pleased to be reassured that the sequel is on the way.