Monday 23 July 2012


The following conversation was spotted on Twitter this morning between our very own Kristen Stone and the mysterious Production Elves in the Blue Hour Publishing office of wonders.

KS: Calling Blue Hour Production Elves, you’ve been very quiet of late.
PE: Oh Miss award winning author Kristen Stone forgive our slackness. We have trauma aplenty.
KS: Trauma? Explain.
PE: Tis chaos here. Mr McMiser got run over by a steam roller.
KS: A steam roller? Surely not.
PE: Well, it was a car actually but he insists it feels like a steam roller.
KS: Is he ok?
PE: Well, he took a nasty knock to the head, so no real harm done. Thinks we have taken on more staff though.
KS: Why?
PE: He keeps seeing two of everything.
KS: And have you heard from Sanguine Scribe lately? He seems to have gone AWOL too.
PE: Oh Miss award winning author Kristen Stone, Mr Sanguine has been at Mr M’s bedside mopping his fevered brow.
KS: Look, cut the award winning author bit. In the circumstances just call me Kris.
PE: Oh Miss award winning author Kristen Stone we couldn’t do that.
KS: Cut it! So Mr M has a fever?
PE: Oh, no. Just a bit non-compos mentos, but what’s new? We think Mr Sanguine is taking notes for his next scribieness.
KS: That’s good to hear. But don’t let Mr M hear you say that. So what have you been doing?
PE: Between tweeting and running errands we have been making copious quantities of chicken soup.
KS: Chicken soup, no Lambas bread?
PE: We have been adding a few crumbs of the wonderful Lambas bread to the soup. But we fear Mr Sanguine is scoffing it.
KS: Best keep an eye on him. You know what these starving authors are like.
PE: Indeed we do Miss awar… Kris. Well, must get on. We hear the subtle voice of Mr M calling for soup.
KS: OK. Take care of Mr M and if the other fellow gives you trouble let me know. I’ll sort him!

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