Wednesday 4 July 2012


Hi, Kristen Stone here. The Editor has asked me to talk about my new novel Shattered Dreams. What it’s about and how it came about.
   I’ll start with the how and more importantly, when. The idea behind Shattered Dreams has been with me for years, grown and developed as I, myself, have grown and developed as a writer. It is a work of fiction. None of the people in it are real. But I love creating people, events and situations in which to put them to the test. Unlike Edge of Extinction which has a specific story to tell, and The Penhaligan File which has a mystery to solve, Shattered Dreams is a snapshot of a person’s life, a fiction biography almost, although it doesn’t cover the characters whole life.
   So what is it about? (Didn’t Mark Andrew say ‘don’t start a question with ‘so’. Sorry Mark, will do better in future).
   Shattered Dreams is the simple story of Tony Walker, a teenager who gets mown down by a car just as he is being ‘scouted’  by a football club. His dreams of becoming a top player are taken from him.
·         It’s about dealing with disability
·         It’s about relationships
·         It’s about growing up
·         It’s about forbidden love
·         It’s about bereavement
·         It’s about drug related date rape
·         It’s about image
·         It’s about building a new life
·         It’s about rape within a relationship
·         It’s about single parenthood
·         It’s about alcoholism
·         It’s about a growing romance between two disparate people
·         It’s about recovery
    Wow! Did I write all that and I thought …
    Shattered Dreams is the simple story of Tony walker, a teenager who gets mown down by a car.
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