Tuesday 1 April 2014

New Move in eBook Development

How many times have you heard a reader say of eBooks, “I like to hold a book.”? Well, in a new move launched recently eBooks are now being sold in their own custom designed reader which opens just like a book. Although no bigger than a normal ereader these one-off devices open like a book, have a left and right hand page and come with their own printed front and back cover, just like a ‘real’ book.
This has come about because ebook technology has become so cheap and easy to produce. Admittedly it does take a little longer for the ‘book’ to be produced, but no more than it takes to produce a POD book if all goes well.
What are the advantages to this?  It means you can browse for an ebook in a shop just like you can for a hard copy. For people who like having their books on display for others to see, they can be lined up on shelves (watch out for eBook reader shelves, just like DVD and CD storage units). Ebooks will become more visible. People will be able to swap them with friends, or loan them (and probably never get them back, just like paper books). Old eBooks will turn up in charity shops alongside paper ones instead of sitting unseen on a reader’s device. And authors will be able to hold signing sessions, just like they do for paper books.
Watch out for this new venture coming to the UK SOON.

Posted 1st April 2014

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  1. Do you have a link or some images? It sounds to me like we are pretty much going back to the book format. Is this an admission that the present kindle format doesn't work as well? I wonder what this means for indie authors? I can see indie authors paying for an ad on an ebook cover where the images rotate, once every ten minutes for different authors. That would be one way for a bookshop to generate revenue and for indie writers to get eyes on their product