Wednesday 16 January 2013

Write with Enthusiasm

It is impossible to tell anyone what style of writing they should use. Everyone is different. That’s what makes writing and reading so interesting. But the main thing is to write with belief in what you are doing. Your enthusiasm for the idea or the story will then be transferred from the page to the reader. Your style of writing could be identical to one of the great writers you admire, but if you have no joy in writing who will want to read it?
   Some people ask ‘how long should my book be?’ The answer is simple, especially if you are writing for ebooks. How long is your story? If it is factual – how long before you have explained what you want to tell the world? If it is an anecdotal look at life – how many tales do you want to tell? Do these takes hold your attention, make you smile or chuckle?  
   As long as you can hold the attention and the enthusiasm of your reader length doesn’t really matter. What matters is whether you are enjoying what you are doing. If writing has become a chore then that will show. If you can’t be bothered to write why should your potential readers be bothered to read.
    So put your heart and soul into your writing and inspire your readers!

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