Tuesday 12 June 2012

Reviewing Month One

Take a deep breath and count to ten. A whole month has flown by since this blog was first set up. And what a month it has been! Sometimes it seemed to fly by. Sometimes it has felt like it is not moving.
   Since starting this venture Blue Hour Publishing has put seven books out. All have been carefully edited and checked.
   So what is it like to be an editor. When I first told my husband what I was doing he immediately said he would inform the police about husband bashing. I told him EDITOR not ED HITTER (I’ll leave to work out what his name is).
   The hardest part is getting into the style of the author, not inflicting your own style on the work. I have been lucky here. Each of our authors has their own particular style and that has made looking at each book an exciting and rewarding experience.  I make a point of not trying to re-write what our authors have put. The most I have had to do is maybe suggest a slightly different way of saying something. But so far all our authors seem to be on the right track, so I am extremely lucky there.
   My main concern is making sure the text is right. It is amazing how even the best book can have the odd missing speech mark or the wrong word that has slipped in because it is spelt correctly but just isn’t the word the author intended. I have even seen this is published books by big name authors that are sitting on my bookshelf, let alone an ebook.
   This has been a huge learning curve and I am looking forward to the future and finding even more books to release out into the ethersphere.

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