Wednesday 16 July 2014

Analyzing Success

It is always difficult to know which advice to follow. Lots of people have told us to do lots of different things to promote our books - most of which involve either money we can't afford or reviews we haven't got.

The questions ALL authors have is 'how to get reviews' and 'do reviews really matter'. We wish knew the answers to those questions. If we did we could write a book about them and sell it on Amazon.

So far out of our books, the ones with the most reviews are selling less than the ones with fewer. We would love to get these popular books promoted but they haven't got enough reviews - even paid advertising companies like BookBub won't look at them.

This month we are trying to analyse the ratio of retweets:sales. Probably a pointless exercise because books are still being tweeted even if they aren't retweeted and it is impossible to tell from where the sale came. But at least each retweet extends the reach of each book.

Having collected the data and compared the platform of sales, what we will then do with it is debateable. Not sure we will achieve anything, but if it looks interesting we will let you know.

Has anyone else any proven facts on promotion?

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