Monday 26 August 2013

Where are the British Entrepreneurs?

Blue Hour Publishing has been going for about eighteen months now (where has the time gone). We  have tried Amazon Select and decided it isn’t for us. We were thinking of moving to Smashwords but opted for draft2digital instead.  As the one who puts all the books on line and keeps track of who has sold what, I like the way the d2d site works. Clean, simple to follow and not overloaded with information about other books. They may be dealing with thousands of authors but you feel like the only one! I don’t want to know about what else is available. I can find that out in other places if I want to. Well done, d2d. Please don’t change your website too much!
     But what really gets me is, why are all these companies based in the US. I have nothing against the way they work, apart from having to spend time and money contacting the IRS, but why hasn’t anyone in Britain come up with a company to help indie authors get their books into the ethersphere? Surely it can’t be that difficult.
     I didn’t see the programme myself, but was told that an indie author had approached Dragon’s Den for support while he wrote some books. He got turned down. Wouldn’t we all like to be supported while we got noticed?! But I wonder if someone had gone with the intension of setting up a company to convert and publish ebooks they might have been supported.
     And NO! I don’t want to do this myself. I haven’t the energy, knowledge or connections, but surely there must be someone out there who could do this. I’m not talking about a company that wants to put books put on its own platform but someone who will do the same as Smashwords and d2d. Or maybe all our technical people have crossed the pond or gone to Australia!


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